Sunday, October 9, 2011

Zombie marathon day 7

Matt and i chose 28 days later, because we have both seen it, however have very contrasting views.  When i first saw it, i had nightmares for days....(i was also alone, in the dark, and drinking that might have affected my emotional state.)  Matt said it was boring and didn't even finish it. (???? i have a feeling he might have accidentally been watching 28 days with Sandra Bullock)

NOT sandra bullock....
This movie still scares me.  I think 20 years from now, and multiple viewings, i will still be pee my pants scared from watching this movie.  Even after watching it last night, i had a dream that i was pregnant.  (to clarify, the only thing as scary as zombies = babies.)  Danny Boyle, you know how to make me cry, and also how to present a very artistic, thought contemplating view of zombie survival, with your crazy views and indirect character close-ups.  love.

1.  Infected animal testing as the source.  I always view this as the actual cause of the zombie apocalypse.
2.  Waking up in hospital alone.  This is my biggest fear.
3.  Fast moving, and also fast changing zombies.  You know my views on these....
4.  De-evolution of mankind in the face of tragedy.  (those army guys scare me almost more than the zombies...

1. Love in the time of Zombie Apocalypse.  Why?
2. Other people do not seem to as scared of this movie, and that annoys me
3. Gives me nightmares.

I think this should be followed with the significantly less awesome 28 weeks later!

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