Monday, October 24, 2011

Zombie Marathon day 23

Yeah, i am behind by about four movies.  I might actually feel bad about it too if people read my blog.  

Holy mother of hell.Last night i watched REC, and it was about as close as i have ever com to peeing my pants out of fear.
(two close calls in one weekend, dang!)  This was the Spanish zombie movie that "Quarantine" was based on.  I vaguely remember watching quarantine and being so scared i turned it off.  That was a good decision, in hind-sight.  I was so scared i couldn't sleep.  Whats even worse is that there is a sequel, waiting for me....and two more in the works.  CRAP.  The only major difference between REC and Quarantine is that Quarantine has some religious/possession themes to it.  Like it matters, either way, it is TERRIFYING.  It plays on a combination of all my fears....being alone in the dark with fast-moving zombies in a psychopaths torture lair.  YIKES.

1. Zombies are legit scary.
2  They don't explain what is going on, so you are clueless as to why everything is happening
3.  The Madieras girl.  (You will know when you watch it.

1.  You will have nightmares
2.  You will have to watch the sequels, most likely causing additional nightmares
3.  You may or may not pee your pants.

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