Friday, October 14, 2011

Zombie Marathon day 12

My run last night was cancelled due to lightening (always a no-go)  and i had started feeling under the weather from running work errands all day in the pouring rain.  This left me indecisive, and not wanting to watch another bad zombie movie.  There were only two movies that could make me happy last night.  Zombieland, and Shaun of the Dead.  We chose Zombieland
Why i can't i quit you, woody harrelson??
I love this movie.  It's a straight up zom-com, so there aren't really any scary parts, but it's not cheesy, either.  And seriously, Bill Fucking Murray.  I also have chosen "for whom the bell tolls"  by metallica as my emergency song because of this movie.  When ever i am having a really bad run, and don't think i can finish, i listen to for whom the bell tolls and envision that opening scene showing everyone running from zombies, and i can't help but keep running.  Envisioning zombies behind you is the best kind of speed training.  

If you haven't seen this movie, YOU HAVE PROBLEMS.  It's amazing, and you will love it.

1.  Bill fucking Murray
2.  Opening credits are AMAZING

1.  I can not watch it enough.  Seriously.

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