Friday, October 21, 2011

The greatest thing since sliced bread....

is sliced bagels.
Ohhh, thats cute.  you thought i only ate half the bagel?  HA!  I inhaled half of it before i could get my camera out.  What else am i supposed to do on a guilt-free mandatory rest day?  Its kind of nice actually.  I got to sleep in.....i got to drink beer last, i could get used to rest days!!   

Actually, i am pretty sure they call that "not running."
(and who am I kidding, i drink beer most nights.  The only difference was that i didn't have to run hungover today and instead got to sleep in and then eat a bagel.  I LOVE BAGEL DAY!)

Now i am besides myself with two things.  
1: What to wear tomorrow.  The race starts at sunrise tomorrow.  (how awful romantic)  There is a high of 64 (perfect)  But when the race starts, it will probably be in the upper 30's  (dis-like.)  Pants?  shorts?  Gloves?  I don't know what to dooooo!

2:  What do i eat for dinner tonight?  We are leaving Chicago right after work tonight, but it's a 5-6 hour drive.  I could pack a dinner, but that would be super annoying for my travel mates.  I could eat fast food, but it normally makes me sick, even in the best circumstances.  (my stomach just can't not handle all that deliciousness.)  I normally eat plain, sauceless pasta before my long runs.  Or rice, or something bland.  How the hell do i do that on the road??

If bagels can become even better, than so can i.  I will figure this one out.  Lets just hope not the hard way.  Or the puke during a race way.

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