Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tomorrow is another day...

I had planned on getting a twelve miler in this morning so that i could have the rest of the weekend to dick around, but it just did. not. happen.  I am going to officially blame the fact that for some reason my garmin was dead, rendering me powerless.  Unofficially, i just felt like being super lazy, and i was hurting a little from the "wine and cheese, party of one"  i had last night (you know, where you polish off a bottle of red wine, a baguette and a wheel of brie by yourself.  other people do this, right??)  

I definitely know some people that eat a steak and drink a bottle of wine and then run a marathon the next day, but i am not one of them.  I have the most sensitive stomach in the world, and unless i eat really bland food, i get vicious heart burn on my run.  SO, instead of a healthy 12 miler on a beautiful, albeit unseasonably hot, saturday, i had a little bit of this:
Candy Corns:  i have kept them in business all these years....

and this:
Jonathon Rhys Meyer can eat candy corn with me anyday.
Yeah, so instead of burning 1200 calories, i consumed an extra 1200.  C'est la vie!  Looks like its sunday funday runday!!

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