Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Zombie Marathon day 18

Man!  Watching all these movies is just as exhausting as running!!

Last night, matt and i decided to go for a scary one.  It was really cold in our apartment, mostly because i am a nazi that wont turn the heat on until november, even if it is 50 degrees in the apartment.  (Gas ain't cheap!)

We watched "Mutants"

It. was. scary. and. French.

I don't know what it is about the French, but then just seem to film movies so much better.  
This movie scared me.  At multiple points, i debated just turning it off so i could go to bed and have horrible nightmares all night.  I think the scariest part about it, is that the main character is alone in this giant scary building with her husband slowly transforming into a zombie, and that sucks.  Other survivors eventually end up at the building as well, but they only want to steal her ambulance rather than help her.  French people are so mean!  If i happen to be in France when the zombie apocalypse occurs, i am just going to start shooting anyone who gets near me, because French zombie movies have taught me better than to EVER TRUST A FRENCH PERSON!  This is the second of three French zombie movies on my cue for October.  Luckily the third one is a drama, and in no way scary, because French horror movies make me want to pee my pants.

1.  It's scary.  I was hiding under a blanket at one point
2.  Zombie transformation was really believable.  Kudos to the makeup people
3.  Uber skinny woman claiming to be pregnant is heroine and sole survivor, just like in the Horde

1.  Shouldn't not have watched on a scary stormy night
2.  Ending leaves you hanging a bit, and that annoys me
3.  Subtitles.  Even harder when you are hiding under a blanket.

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