Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Indian Summer, FOR THE WIN!

September was a horribly uninspired month for me, and running was something i started to dread.  Between moving and my roommates wedding, as well as the consistent sub 50 degree weather, never ending rain and lack of sunshine for TWO STRAIGHT WEEKS, it took everything i had just to get out of bed and go to work, let alone sneak some runs in.  Even now that the sun has returned, it doesn't come up until almost 7am.....and i am not ready for pre-sunrise running yet.  NOT YET!!!!

Enter Indian Summer!  This week is non stop sun, daytime high's in the 80's!  :)  Bad news for the Chicago Marathon this weekend (which i am not running because i am lame)  but great news for ME!  I have been running afterwork (which i normally hate because it is too hot, and i am cranky and desperate for dinner the second i leave work.)  I was so happy about the beautiful weather that even jogged alongside a guy in a recumbent bike to talk about how nice it was to be running in this weather.   ME.  Normally i am wincing and scowling at people....but not during INDIAN SUMMER!!!
                                     (not actual biker....strangers don't like it when you photograph them...)

There are about two weeks a year in Chicago when you can comfortably run in a tshirt and shorts with minimal sweat, and no goosebumps.  THIS IS MY TIME!

I ran 5 pleasant miles last night in about 47 minutes.  *joy*

This morning i went to the gym for some cross-training (ugh.  things that i hate.)  And there was a sign on the front desk say the city of chicago has shut down the pool at the X-sport fitness.  ............   whaaaaa?  Not that i use the pool anyway, but what has to be so wrong with pool to have the CITY OF CHICAGO shut it down??  Seriously reconsidering the x-sport membership......

                                                                                                                      for shame, x-sport, for shame...

After my grueling 45 minutes of feigning interest in cross-training, and watching fresh prince of bel-air reruns, i saw this on my way to work...
                                           These cakes have a destiny far more important than my own...

I must know more about these very special cakes......I'm thinking of getting one for my own car that says "Caution, open, half-eaten bag of candy corn on board"

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