Friday, October 14, 2011


As i mentioned, i didn't run last night.  A major storm was a-brewin outside.  I actually enjoy running in light rain, and i seem to run faster for reasons i will never understand, but lightening when you are running through a wooded path just seemed like a bad idea.  
Back-up plan A. If i could make it back to the city by 6:30, i could go to the gym with Matt and run on the treadmill.  Not optimal, but hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.  6:30 would mean if i left right at 5, i would have and hour and half to get home.  That should be enough time, right??

Why, Chicago, WHY???
Damn you traffic.  See all that red?  That's a two hour commute right there.  in the rain.  AWESOME.
By the time i got home, i was pretty angry at the world, and the only solution was to drown my anger in this.
Back-up plan B:
Way to carbo-load, girl!
I figured i would run my 5 miles this morning.  I woke feeling quite differently.  Between the champagne and developing illness, I felt like death.  and i looked like it too.
Don't drink and run kids....this could be you...
I forced myself to go out under the pretense of "we'll see you how you feel, and you can always stop at 3!"  9 times out of 10, i just keep running.  Today was not one of those times.  I felt awful for the whole run.  I could barely breathe and was coughing like a smoker, plus i had that horrible phlegm taste in my mouth that happens when you are hungover dehydrated.  I tried to distract myself by saying hi to the few other runners i encountered, and NO ONE SAID HI BACK.  Chicago runners can be assholes.  (i should know.)  So i made it three crappy miles at a 9:20 pace.  FAIL.  

Thank god it's friday.  
Friday means bagel day, it's like the only reason i show up to work.
I am going to see my mom and brother tonight and hopefully get some rest and some healthy food to stop this sickness in its tracks.  Or i will get shitfaced and sing karaoke.  It could go either way when you're in Rock-vegas.  

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