Thursday, October 20, 2011

Zombie Marathon day 19

We watched Zombie High
It started out well enough....ridiculous 80's soundtrack....gratuitous tube socks.....what could go wrong?
This is a movie from the 80's about a girl who transfers to a swanky prep school....and then things go terribly wrongggggg!

I object to their interpretation of zombies.  When they say "zombie" they mean lobotomized teenagers that study hard, do well in school, are extremely focused and polite.  The exact opposite of teenagers.  I am pretty sure this already exists, and they call it ritalin.  or adderol.  AND, if that is what it is to be a zombie, SIGN ME UP.  If i had focus, i probably could have taken over the world years ago.  I would like to make sure that my future children are also zombies.  convert them young, i say.  It wasn't particularly scary or funny.  I actually found the movie really boring, and had trouble staying focused.  Maybe if i were a zombie, i could have sat through it.  The scariest part of the whole night was the tree branch that kept hitting our window.  

1.  Keytar and synthesizers used to transition scenes
2.  Tube socks in full effect
3.  Nope...sorry.

1.  Created a time warp, we paused it after watching for three hours, and only 40 minutes had elapsed
2.  Not scary
3.  Makes me want to be a zombie...

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