Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Today is kind of like a free day for me, since my only task is to go shopping here in the city.  Not having to drive to work is like getting two free hours in my day!  I could have gone running, or even to the gym (which i half-heartedly planned on doing) but my plans went amiss when i found an INTRUDER IN THE KITCHEN.
that little blob in the middle?  thats a mouse.
We first discovered a mouse a week or two ago.  Its sort of inevitable in the city, we live in a giant apartment building, and whenever the weather gets cold, mice come in.  We had caught two the conventional way, because we know they are coming in through the furnace room.  This one i managed to catch with a garbage can.  CUZ I'M AWESOME.  I actually think something was wrong with him, because i am not actually that awesome.  Even when i trapped him, he was just slowly walking in circles.  I know if someone put a trash can over me, i would make a big scene.  I have a feeling he probably ate something he shouldn't have, the little moron.  I dragged the carpet onto the porch and set him free.  Our neighbor has a cat that hangs out on a leash on the porch, so hopefully those two will sort things out.

SO, instead of going to the gym, i had an epic mouse situation.  Today i get to walk around downtown all day though, so that counts as cross training, right??

Well, i am off to do some shopping research!

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