Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Zombie Marathon day 10

Aaaah! Zombies!!

No really, thats the name of the movie.
How could it be bad?
I'm not gonna lie, it started out bad.  Like, real bad.  I almost turned it off, but then the plot involved ice cream infused with the zombie virus and it seemed right up my alley.

The main characters become zombies from eating the infected ice cream, but they don't realize they are zombies.  It actually ends up being kinda funny/cheesy.  The view of the zombies is shot in color, and everyone around them seems to be moving and talking really fast.  They start to think that the "fast movers" have some kind of infection.  The view of everyone else is shot in black and white, and the main characters are slow, bumbling zombies, who think they are gracefully making witty conversation. this amuses me.

So, to clarify, the main characters think they look like this:
Why is everyone talking so fast??
But the rest of the world is actually seeing this:
brains sound tasty....is that weird?
The main location is a bowling alley, and they even have a drunk human vs zombie bowl-off.  Its like night of the living dead meets the big lebowski
Bowling for brains.
Throw in brain tacos, brain-garitas, and a zombie freedom monologue, and i think the movie saves itself.

Best line?  "We can't outrun them!  We're Zombies, zombies don't run!"  You and me both, zombies....you and me both.

1.  Totally different from other zombie movies
2.  Its a spoof with out being over the top cheesy

1.  First 15 minutes is almost unbearable
2.  I just didn't get it for a while (maybe that con is about me...)
3.  There are a few scenes where it comes uncomfortably close to being "over the top cheesy"

Totally worth watching if you can get through the first 10-15 minutes!

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