Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Zombie Marathon day 4.

For the month of October, The Dean and i are having a "zombie marathon."  The goal is to watch a zombie movie everyday of October.  It sounds easy enough, but it actually becomes quite a challenge when you factor in working late, running (ha!)  Cooking dinner, general apartment maintenance, a social life (again, HA!)  and most importantly, regular tv programing.  (LOVE YOU, HAPPY ENDINGS!)

All are welcome to come participate, as we have a fully stocked beer fridge, however the movies have been starting really late because of my crappy schedule!

Oui! Les Zombies!
Last night we watched "The Horde"  a French zombie thriller.  The only really french things about the film  were that it was actually in french with english subtitles, and the only woman in the film was terrifyingly harsh with perfect cheekbones.  

- Fast moving zombies (these are the only zombies that scare me.)
- Nigerian drug runners (to bring the intensity)
- Machetes and a pick axe. (i get sick of guns.  i feel like its cheating)

- inconsistency with mutation times (some people became zombies within seconds of being bit, for others it was hours.  COME ON!)
- scenes went on too long.  (probably to make up for liberal use of high speed zombie filming.)
- Token creepy guy got too creepy.  I was concerned i was about to witness a zombie rape, which MAKES. NO. SENSE.
- The ending annoyed me

It was a good zombie movie, however not a great zombie movie.  Sick fighting moves, scary zombies, but not the most thought-through plot.  All-in-all, not a waste of my time.

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