Friday, October 7, 2011

Zombie Marathon day 6

If i was drunk enough to think the Fro-daddy was an amazing idea, you couldn't possibly have expected me to make good zombie movie choices.  Valley girls fighting Zombies just called out to me....

Last night we chose "The night of the Comet"
                                    shopping bags and uzi's.  it's like they saw into my soul....

It was an entertaining movie, but a little slow and sparse on the zombies.  In defense of the movie, i ended up falling asleep.  I do not blame the movie for this....i had been up since 4:30am, and just consumed a bunch of pizza and beer.  I would have fallen asleep during zombieland for crying out loud.  So, i missed the last 15 minutes of the movie.  Shit could have gotten really intense.  But, for the first 3/4 of the movie, there were maybe only 3 zombies?  It focused more on the fact that like, 99.9% of the population had been disinigrated turned to dust.   It was never specifically said either, but i think they were referring to Haley's comet, which i know for a fact, does not turn people to zombies.  (It was last near earth in 1983, and my parents held my little baby face up to a telescope so i could see it in my life time.  I assure you, i am no zombie.)

Anywho, the zombies were less than frightening, but it wasn't so cheesy that i would call it a mock-horror film.  In short, i have no idea what i watched.

1.  Kick-ass female lead.  Useful knowledge of heavy weaponry
2.  Most of human life eradicated.  this always freaks me out a little. 
3. CYNDI LAUPER MONTAGE.  yeah, i am dead serious, and it was amazing.

1.  Only like 3 zombies in the most of the movie (maybe there are swarms at the end, i don't know.)
2.  Weird underground scientist people only confused me.  Plot did not explain them very well.
3.  There could have been a second Cyndi Lauper montage.  I can not get enough.

Maybe i will finish it tonight.  but then again, maybe i will just listen to cyndi lauper and dance around my apartment.

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