Thursday, October 6, 2011

HOT bloks.

                                                          Indian Summer's first casualty.

This 80 degree weather caught me off guard and melted a pack of shot bloks.  THE HORROR!  

Speaking of HOT, i went to a hot yoga class (the room is 95 degrees, because apparently i already forgot how awful that is.)  I really like hot yoga.  Its like exercise but i don't feel like puking after.  or eating an entire loaf of bread.  This was my second hot yoga class (I had a groupon!)  The first one i showed up in my hot weather running gear with a hand towel and my running hand held bottle (just in case i got thirsty.

At this time, you have probably guessed i am a moron, and you are right! and for these specific reasons:
1.  I assumed i would sweat less then running for an equivalent time in the same heat.  (i guessed wrong!)
2.  I sweat (sweated?) like whore in church.  The hand towel was a JOKE, and rendered useless after 5 minutes.
3. Running clothes left me with no traction for half of the poses.  I fell often, and loudly.  I was a beacon of grace and calm in that yoga class, i was.  I am sure NO ONE knew i was not a seasoned yogi and just some asshole that got a groupon.
4.  You do get thirsty, and the one thing i never realized about my squeezy sports bottle?  it makes a super loud sucking noise when i drink.  Fail to the 3rd degree.

I was more prepared this time with a beach towel and leggings.  I still secretly look around at everyone else during the meditations though.  i am both a creeper and an amatuer.   

This morning i woke up at 4:30am, which is so not awesome, because i had a free person training session for joining the gym.  It was actually really cool to go through some core building stuff.  Sadly though, my weight has crept up by a few pounds since summer  ( i don't blame you candy corn and pumpkin beer, i don't blame you at all!)  that was a sad realization. I did have a very low body fat though, so maybe the extra weight is all my amazingly buff muscles.  (right....)

After that i went for a 5 mile run/stroll through the beautiful west side of chicago.  The beautiful weather had even the hookers and drug dealers smiling.  (I love fall in Chicago!)

Now i get to sit at work listening to an alarm in the IT guys office go off, getting louder....and louder...and LOUDER.....and have little hope of it ending soon as he rarely shows up before 10.  THATS NOT MAKING ME CRANKY AT ALL.

Last random thing for the morning, Steve Jobs died, and that makes me sad.  As a designer, my job would be so much different if he had never done what he loved to do.  Design is a big deal, and he showed that to the world.  Rock on Steve, Rock on....

                                                                                                    Not true, i prefer candy.

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