Friday, October 7, 2011

The Fro-daddy

Combine two industrial designers, add beer, subtract common sense, and you get = IDEAS SO BAD THEY ARE GOOD!

Matt and i went to my favorite dive, boiler room, last night  to get down with some pizza and beer to celebrate that the week was 4/5's over.  The pizza there is SOOOOO good.  They also have some great craft beers, as well as whiskey infused ice cream.  thats right, i said WHISKEY INFUSED ICE CREAM!

                            There was never a more perfect and beautiful combination
The problem is, i usually eat too much pizza and drink too much beer to even make it to dessert.  There is only one obviously solution here.

In- home frozen yogurt machine.

Matt said no, for reasons i will never understand...(aversion to morbidly obese girlfriends, perhaps?)  In his defense, i have always refused to let him have the fry daddy for the exact same reason.  This got us to thinking on the way home.  Perhaps, as designers, we could compromise and create something that both of us could enjoy.....

Thus, the Fro-daddy was born.
i used to teach a college level photoshop course.  i'm not even kidding.

The fro daddy is the ultimate kitchen tool!!  both a frozen yogurt dispenser and a fry daddy.  Saves kitchen space while rapidly expanding your waistline!   Could you imagine?  Fro-yo with freshly deep fried oreos as a topping?  i weep at the thought.  

And ladies and gentleman, this is why we don't get drunk on a Thursday.

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