Monday, October 10, 2011

Zombie Marathon day 9

Ok, i really loved this movie.

American Zombie 

Its a zombie mock-u-mentary!

American Zombie is witty, with just a little bit of tension at the end.  I felt uncomfortable and scared, but there was nothing super gory or shocking.  I am a huge fan of classic suspense (probably why i am fan of hitchcock)  The mega gore, "jump at the screen" stuff is generally a waste of my time.  

American Zombie is presented sympathetically towards the zombies.  We are so busy chopping them up with machetes, we never stop to think about their feelings, and their wants and needs.  I love the "zombie's among us" approach.  
Preach on, brother...
It follows a few of the zombies, and explores their lives, their interests, and what they plan for the future.  For me, it is a nice change from the usual zombie thriller.  Thinking is cool.....sometimes.
Good luck with that.
There have been some knock off mocumentary style zombie flicks that followed this, but trust me, this is the one to see.  The only key to surviving zombie apocalypse is to understand the zombies.  Like, really understand them, man.....

1.  Makes you think, man....
2.  Awesome character development
3.  Both sarcastically funny, and a little scary

1.  Gets a little artsy at times.  
2.  The only ginger in the film is bat shit crazy, and that makes us ALL LOOK BAD.
3.  The burning man style gathering at the end was just way too confusing for the likes of me.  But i guess it's not there fault i am slow (physically AND mentally!  yay!)

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