Thursday, October 13, 2011

Zombie Marathon day 11


That sound is not a zombie.  It's me.  whining.  about how bad the movie "Last of the Living" is.
But the cover looked so good.....
I can't tell if it was supposed to be funny or scary, but it was neither.  I think maybe it's because i have been watching the zombie movies alone this week.  Maybe if i had someone to make fun of the movie with, i would enjoy it more.  Starting next week, i might just have to have my friend Aaron over for every movie.  I think even he would agree that this one was bad though.  I just couldn't keep interested in it.  I start wandering around the house doing dishes and laundry, because that was more enjoyable then being forced to watch the movie.    I couldn't even describe the plot....four assholes with a camera and about $5,000 dollars make a movie that will eventually ANNOY ME.  the end.

1.  The soundtrack was good
2.  I got two loads of laundry done!
3.  Did you really think there was going to be a 3?

1.  Not funny
2.  Not scary
3.  Stole 90 minutes of my life that i can never get back.

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