Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The times they are a changing...

Don't get me wrong, fall is my FAVORITE time of year, but the one downside is that the days get shorter.  Take the 8-9 hours i work, add the 2-3 i spend in traffic, and that leaves virtually no time to run during the safe daylight hours.

I normally like to run in the early am before work, but every once in a while, i actually have to show up to work on time AND look presentable (i.e., no wet hair or bandanas when meeting with clients.  LAME.)

I had one of those "meetings" today, so i had to be to work early and reschedule my morning run for the evening.  Logistically, i could have squeezed it in, but whenever i need to be somewhere on time, Chicago traffic becomes as predictable as Lady Gaga.  This morning, it managed to be a shit show, so i am glad i left early.  It took over an hour and a half to get to work....I bet your asking why.  I know i was.

Enter exhibit A:
Smoke ahead, oh my!

Was it a burning car?  a gas line explosion??  Terrorism????

NO.  It was a metal barrel.  With some tree branches in it.  during a controlled burn.  An extra 30  minutes of traffic, for a BARREL.  HIDE YO KIDS, HIDE YO WIFE, WE GOTS A BARREL ON FIRE HERE!

Yeah, so that was awesome.  Now i get to look at this all day and dread squeezing in 5 miles after work - 
Of course my gym bag is a reusable trader joe bag.  I'm CLASSY.
It taunts me.  But at least the weather is nice, and the rapidly setting sun has slowly shaved seconds off my pace.  (no one wants to be running through the woods in the dark.  except maybe Jason or Freddy...)

It's not all bad though.  the days may be getting shorter, but it is officially the perfect temperature for wearing cowboy boots in a socially acceptable for work and in no way trashy kind of way.  YAY!
Urban Cowboy for the win!

EDITED TO ADD-  The result of the aforementioned meeting is that for the rest of the week, my job is to go shopping in a bunch of home goods stores.  This is both super awesome and extremely dangerous for my checking account.  You are a cruel mistress, design....

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