Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Run Gingerfoxxx, run! is born.

The gingerfoxxx blog isn't dying - it's just being reborn.  Like a phoenix, a beautiful, ginger phoenix.  

For anyone who has stumbled upon this and is wondering, "hey!  what the heck is the gingerfoxxx blog??"  then see HERE.   Basically, my increasingly boring life has started to revolve more and more around running and less and less around binge drinking.  (ok, ok, who am i kidding...there is plenty of room for both.)  

I'm not really a "runner".  I usually only do one race a year - and hungover at that.  (Turkey trot in the suburbs with the fam after drinking all night)  I started running a little in grad school to keep from killing myself  from the stress.  That and otherwise i would never have see the light of day.  for reals.)  After grad school i moved back to Chicago and took a high-power (ha!) design job, and running basically stopped for a while.  (as did the gingerfoxxx blog, natch.  Real life is hard!)

Luckily i had an awesome super motivated, marathon running roommate who would drag my lazy butt out to jog a couple miles every once in a while.  This past spring she signed us up for a 5 mile run (the Cinco de Miler!), thinking it was a 5k, and we ended up having a blast.  I was high on confidence and drunk on mexican beer and got the notion that i could totally run a half marathon.  (I should be a poster child for reasons not to drink.)  I signed up for the Chicago Half Marathon, and ran for a super awesome charity - The Huntingtons Disease Society of America.  (My Dad, Uncle, Cousins, and Grandma all died WAY too young from Huntingtons Disease, and my brother, cousins and myself are currently living at risk, to which i say LAME!)  

It was actually a very humbling experience, and i ended up raising over $1500 to help research for a cure.  And i DIDNT DIE IN THE RACE!  Training over the summer in Chicago was like being punched in the face repeatedly by someone with bony hands and giant diamond rings.....
                "PARIS DESTROYYYYYY!!!"

I know it pales in comparison to the high temps and humidity in the south, but we seriously have the most bipolar weather here.  You can start a run in 80 degrees with sunshine, and half-way through you realize a radical shift in temperature has left you frozen in an ice drift.  Just like in that "Day after tomorrow"movie.  (LOVE YOU JAKE GYLLENHAAL)

I digress.

I spent many hot sticky weekends looking like a total lame person, and making hideous faces like these...

                                                                                Whiskey + Running = FAIL.
                                                                                     Pink + Teal = WIN!
                                                                                              Me = DOOFUS.

The half marathon was so fun that decided to dream really big, and keep running until i am fast enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon, and then run the Boston Marathon!  (edited to add - I am slow.  Like, reaaaaaaal slow.  I think we will have many years of blogging ahead of us)  

Besides, i really like blogging.  and by bloggin, i mean taking pictures of myself.  Plus Matt promised to read my blog.  So i got THAT going for me!

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