Thursday, October 27, 2011

de ja vu

I am finally back at my office!  Ugh, why am i excited about that?  Traveling around was actually kind of fun, but it was a lot of driving, and sleeping in beds that are not my bed.  I did however get to stay in the lap of luxury - The Grand Geneva.  This is a picture of my room:
This is what i have deserved all along.
Its a really nice resort.  I had been here once before, for a wedding many years ago, and didn't realize it was the same place until i was walking through the hallways of the resort lost, and had a flashback to that wedding where my date got drunk and peed in the hallway.  AT THE GRAND GENEVA!  I am surprised they let me back in!  
I won't bore you with the details of the conference, because unless you are an engineer, they will bore you to death, and even if you are an engineer, it still was far from razzle dazzle.  

Some highlights:
1.  Tv in bathroom.  This sounds gross, but it allowed me to put on my make-up, admire myself, and watch the news all at once.  AMAZING.
2.  Individual temp thingy.  I am pretty sure most hotels probably have this (obviously i don't stay in them very often) I won't lie.  I set that baby to 78.  We can't figure out our furnace yet, and i can't deal with sleeping in a 55 degree room any longer.  78 was amazing, and i slept like a babe.
3.  Awesome food.  They served dessert with lunch! (two different kinds, so naturally i got two lunch-desserts.  I love America.)

Some lowlights:
1.  They had beautiful, scenic path that went around a lake that i wasn't allowed to use.  Apparently, it was for the golfers.  They did however offer my the consolation of either a.  running through the woods in the dark.  or b.  running on a road in the dark where people drive like maniacs.  REALLY?  I ended up running on there fancy treadmill.  It was fine for what it was, but i still hate the treadmill more than anything.  I ran three miles and struggles alot.

The conference wrapped up yesterday, and i got to drive home just in time to hit rushhour traffic.  I did manage to squeeze in a 3 mile run around the neighborhood when i got back, and then went to hot yoga.  

Last night i baked some cupcakes as well which i will frost and deliver tonight at my best friends birthday bonanza.  I will take pictures, or if i screw it up, i will post pictures of much more beautiful cupcakes, and lie and say they are mine!

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