Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Zombie Marathon days 16 and 17

So i'm about as good at blogging about zombie movies as i am at getting my training runs in!  I am going to have some out of order and combined posts just to get caught up.  And i guess i'll run tonight, even though my motivation tank is on empty despite having the Cincinnati Half Marathon this weekend.  Thank god the world is supposed to end on friday, and hopefully spare me an embarrassing time.  

This sunday, i was supposed to run with my friend Aaron, but we were both tired and slightly hungover, and it didn't happen.  Instead, he ate a KFC bowl of gross, and i had a bloody mary, which is almost like running, right??  I got to meet up with Aaron later at our friend Jessica's, who was hosting our book club viewing of "Interview with a Vampire"
Jess was the hostess with the mostest, and made vegetarian french onion soup, and we all had lots of yummy red wine, french bread, and cheese.  DE-LISH!  I have read the book before, and seen the movie multiple times, but i still like it.  Its so weird to see it now, as all the actors look drastically different than they did about 16 years ago.  

I know it's technically not a Zombie movie, but they are the walking dead, and they do feed on the living, so we'll allow it.

Last night, Aaron came over and we watch the season 2 premiere of the walking dead

I wont give away major details, just in case someone might accidentally read my blog, but it was AWESOME!  I am very excited for this season.  One surprising twist for me is that Daryl is becoming my favorite character.
I would protect you!
Daryl Dixon was the token hillbilly, racist, roadkill eating guy, but they are already really developing his character into something more.  Maybe it's my rockford roots that draw me to him like a moth to the flame.  Maybe it's the fact that he is the only one not grossed out be ANYTHING.  I like that.  If i am caught in the middle of zombie apocalypse, i want daryl dixon on my side.  I guess you can't deny your roots.  Men in dirty wife-beaters carrying crossbows will always be sexy when you grow up in rockford.  sigh.

There is no pros and cons for this, because Walking dead is amazing.  You need to be watching it.
Posts will be sparse today as well because i have a ton to do, but on the plus side, i have very little to do tonight besides blog, eat ice cream and watch zombie movies!!

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