Friday, October 7, 2011

Something Wicked this way comes

So, this week i have had everyone around me send me the multiple articles predicting that this winter is going to be the worst winter Chicago has had.  

reasons why this concerns me:


Remember that whole epic blizzard thing where two feet of snow fell on Chicago, the city shut down for a few days and HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE WERE STRANDED IN SNOW DRIFTS ON LAKE SHORE DRIVE???

oh wait, you mean it's gonna be worse than that?  ok, great.

Granted, thats on me.  I could have bought a truck.  But i didn't.  And guess what.  This baby may look like a beast, but she doesn't handle so well in the 6 foot snow drifts.  Believe me, i tried.  repeatedly.

I had every intention of running through the winter rather then dedicating my life to wine and cookies like i normally do every winter.  Also, i begin training for my first marathon on Jan 16th.  That little snow storm above?  hit in February.  

I can already tell mother nature is going to do her very best to make me fail.  IT'S ON, BITCH!
Accuweather, you are cramping my style.  You say lame things.

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