Monday, October 10, 2011

Zombie Marathon day 8

It was getting difficult trying to coordinate schedules, so i watched this one all by my lonesome!  I chose Night of the Living Dead, because it defined Zombie cinema.  Romero is a genius.  Granted the movie isn't specifically scary, it set the standards for how, where, when, and what would possibly happen during zombie apocalypse.  
Simple, understated zombies.  
Even dead we have a faster pace than youuuuu!
I love that the guy and girl trapped in the house together trying to ride out zombie apocalypse are complete opposites.  He is calm, cool and collected.  She is a total doofus.  TOTAL DOOFUS!

1.  No dicking around.  A zombie within the first 5 minutes.  I don't have patience for anything more.
2.  Female lead is ridiculously helpless and powerless against zombies.
3.  Cheesy dramatic music.

1.  I think it would be scarier without the dramatic music.  But significantly less cheesy.
2.  Not the best costumes/make-up.  If that is what a zombie looks like, i saw three this morning.
3.  Slow zombies.  These zombies could be my running buddies, if they weren't so hell-bent on eating my brains.

braaaiiiiinnnnnssss  shotbloksssssssss

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